Set Assignees

You can assign a task to team members so they will know what tasks they are responsible for. When the tasks get updated, the assignee will get notified as well. This way everyone is on the same page.

Single assignee

To assign a task to a member, click on the assignee icon, and select the member directly or use @ on the keyboard then select the member using the up/down arrow key.

set assignee

You can also right-click on the selected task(s) and select Set assignees to assign the task(s).

right click set assignee

Tip: By typing in an email address, you can also invite new members who are new to Quire.

Multiple assignees

Multiple assignees are only available in the Professional, Premium, Enterprise plans. More information can be found on our pricing page.

To assign a task to more than one member (aka multiple members), click on the assignee icon, and then the Add to assignees icon to toggle on the multiple assignees mode.

set multiple assignee

Tip: Instead of always replacing the existing assignees when setting assignees, you can change the settings in the Project Settings to add the newly selected assignees as multiple assignees.

Navigate to the down arrow next to your project name at the top and select Options. In the Others section, enable the option Always use multiple assignees instead of replacing the original assignee.

add multiple assignees as default

Read more on our blog about multiple assignees.

Assign tasks to members who are new to Quire

Click on the assignee icon, and type in the person’s email to invite him/her to the project. They will automatically join the project once they accept the email invitations.

invite new members

Tip: You can also invite new members in the Project Member page.

For a group of members who are on Quire

You could assign a task to a group of members in a single time by using the External Team feature.

Go to Edit members by clicking on the dropdown menu icon beside your project names.

project dropdown menu edit members

Click on Create new team under External Teams, create a external team by typing in a name first.

create external team

Enter the emails of your members.

add external team members

Next time, when you want to a assign a task to a group of members, you don’t have to add one single member at a time. Instead, you can choose the external team you’ve just created.

use external team for a group

Assign a task to yourself

Click on the assignee icon and select yourself, or just press Ctrl + M on the selected task.

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