Sublist Permission

There are three options for you to share the Sublist with Project Members, External Team, and Personal (yourself).

Learn how to create a Sublist.

Share Sublist with project members

The newly created Sublist will be visible to all of the project members (excluding the External Team). There’s no way to customize to selected project members.

sublist shared with project members

Share Sublist with External Team

When creating a new Sublist and setting the permission to External Team, you can only select the tasks that have already been assigned to External Team.

Note: If the Sublist is shared with an External Team, you won’t be able to change the permission after the Sublist is created.

All of the members of the External Team can view the tasks within this Sublist. When the tasks are added, they will automatically be assigned to the External Team.

If you add a parent task with an already assigned subtask to this Sublist, the subtask will not be reassigned to the External Team, it will still be assigned to the original assignee.

sublist shared with external team

Create a personal Sublist

The newly created Sublist will be visible to you only. Other project members cannot view or edit the Sublist even with the shared link.

personal Quire sublist

You can send a link of one specific Sublist to your clients, so they can access your project without signing up.

Sharing a Sublist with non-signed-up users is only available in the Premium and Enterprise plans. More information can be found on our pricing page.

Click on the dropdown menu icon beside your project’s name, and select Share from More.

share project in drop down menu more

In the Share dropdown menu, you can share just a specific Sublist to your clients. Next, you can choose the view (Tree, board, Table, Timeline, etc) for the recipients when they access the link.

Don’t forget to set an expiry date for the shared link. When the expiry date is due, the recipients with the link will not be able to access the project anymore. You can also include a description to provide additional information to other members about the link’s purpose.

select a sublist to share

Copy the generated link and send it to your clients.

copy the share link to clients

Note: Anyone with the link will be able to view your project.

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