Upload files from your computer

You can attach one or more files, like documents and images, in a description or comment.

To attach, click on the paperclip icon in the description or comment, or drag and drop the file.

Your attached files may look like below:

upload attachments

Tip: A quick way to see whether the tasks have attachments or not without opening the detail panel is to hit Ctrl (or Alt for Mac) for toggling on the Advanced mode.

Attach files from your Google Drive

Click on the Google Drive icon to select a file to be referenced for this task.

attach files from Google Drive

Embed an image

You can embed one or more images in a description or comment to see them directly, instead of attaching them.

Click to add or edit a description or comment. Drag and drop the image(s) into the description or comment.

embed image

Then, click Save, it would look like this.

embed image

Tip: If you use Chrome, you can copy and paste an image in a description or comment.

Copy and paste an image

If you use Chrome (yes only Chrome), you can copy an image in your computer or any webpage, and paste it in a description or comment.

Right-click on the image and select Copy.

copy and paste image

Go to a description or comment, and right-click to select Paste (or hit Ctrl + V).

paste image in the description

The image would look like below.

how the pasted image would look like

Tip: You can also embed an image via drag & drop.

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