features · Mar 19, 2015

Recurring Tasks

My helpful screenshot

Recurring tasks can be very useful for tasks that happens repeatedly in a regular pattern. A newsletter that must be sent to customers every month, statistics that needs to be updated every second day, or a meeting one must attend fortnightly. It would be highly annoying to have to enter these tasks repeatedly and even more annoying to have it stay on your task list all the time without the pleasure of “completing” it.

The new “recurring tasks” feature will help you create the same task 10 seconds after you have completed the original one.

Setting a recurring task is easy. Simply go to the task’s due date -> repeat task icon -> choose how you like the task to be repeated.

By weekly:

My helpful screenshot


My helpful screenshot

or, yearly:

My helpful screenshot

Hope you found this blog post useful and will enjoy this new feature! I will continue to keep you updated on new features of Quire!

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