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Quire and Slack work great together.

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It is our mission to help you work seamlessly via Quire and other apps you are already comfortably using. With the integration with Slack, we are one step closer.

For those of you who often communicate on Slack, you and your team can now receive updates about your Quire projects right inside a Slack channel, add tasks, comment on tasks and more.

How do I integrate with Slack?

You need to link an organization to a Slack team, and a project to a Slack channel.

  1. Go to Quire & Beyond

    Quire Apps Directory

  2. Choose Slack and click on Install

    Quire Slack integration

  3. Choose the organization that you would like to integrate Slack to

    Quire organization

  4. Authorize Quire on your Slack account

    Slack authorization

  5. Unlink a Slack channel on Quire Organization Settings

    Slack channel

Note: A Slack channel can only be linked to one Quire project.

What can I do in a Slack channel?

When you are all set up, here are some commands to get you started in Slack:

1. Get Notified Instantly in Your Slack Channel

You can make a Slack channel follow a project or more for the team to stay on top of changes made in the projects.

Take projects Design Project (with project ID Design_Project) and Marketing Project (with project ID Marketing_Project) for example.

You can type:

/quire follow project Design_Project Marketing_Product

Note: Once you make a channel follow a project or more, everyone will get notified of all activities in the projects.

You can also make the team follow a specific task or more in a project, once you linked it to a Slack channel (see Step 4 above).

For tasks Logo Design (with task ID 123) and UI Design (with task ID 456), you just type:

/quire follow 123 456

2. Add Tasks Directly to Your Quire Project

You can add tasks to a Quire project directly from your Slack channel, and assign it to a team member, set due date, add tags, etc., at the same time.

For example, you can type:

/quire add Logo design @eric <Oct 25; Nov 21> #Design !1

to add a task called Logo design that is assigned to Eric, and has a start date of Oct 25, due date of Nov 21, tag of Design and priority Urgent.

Note: Even when a task is created by you, you need to make the channel follow the task in order to get notified in Slack.

3. Comment on Tasks While You Chat

You can add a comment to a task after a discussion or chat with your team members, right from Slack.

For example, you want to comment on the logo that Eric designed (with task ID 123).

You can type:

/quire comment 123 Looks awesome!
Let’s go with Option 2.

That is not all!

There are a lot more you can do from within a Slack channel. Check out the complete list of commands below.

/quire Command List

Add a task
/quire add [task name]
For example: /quire add Design new logo

Link a channel to a project
/quire link
/quire link [project ID or project URL]
Example: /quire link Development_Project
Example: /quire link

Unlink a channel from project
/quire unlink

List all projects and their IDs
/quire list project

Search projects
/quire list project [keyword 1] [keyword 2]
Example: /quire list project Development Marketing

List recent tasks and their IDs
/quire list

Search tasks
/quire list [keyword 1] [keyword 2]
Example: /quire list design logo

View specific tasks
/quire list [task ID 1] [task ID 2]
Example: /quire list 123 456

List members of the linked Quire project
/quire list member

List tags
/quire list tag

Add a task under a task
/quire add under [parent ID] name
Example: /quire add under 12 Design new logo

Add a task beside a task
/quire add after [another task ID] name
Example: /quire add after 34 Design new logo

Edit a task name
/quire edit [task ID] name.
Example: /quire edit 123 Design new logo

Assign members, date, priority and tags to a task
/quire assign [task ID] [@team member name] [!priority] [#tag] [<due>]
Example: /quire assign 123 @eric @jess #design !1 <10/25>
Example: /quire assign 123 +@david -@jess +#marketing

Comment a task
/quire comment [task ID] comment
Example: /quire comment 123 This looks awesome!

Complete tasks
/quire complete [task ID 1] [task ID 2]
Example: /quire complete 123 456

Delete tasks
/quire delete [task ID] [task ID 2]
Example: /quire delete 123 456

Follow or unfollow tasks
/quire [follow or unfollow] [task ID 1] [task ID 2]
Example: /quire follow 123 456

Follow or unfollow projects
/quire [follow or unfollow] project [project ID 1] [project ID 2]
Example: /quire follow project Design_Project Marketing_Project

Simple Help (and see what project the channel is currently linked to)

Complete Help
/quire help

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