milestones · Jun 29, 2015

Hello GitHub, We’re Quire

Github Integration

For some of you, it is difficult enough to keep everyone up to date with the tasks at hand. It is even more so when they involve codes. Lots of codes.

But not to worry, Quire has got it covered. With the integration with GitHub, it is easier to stay on top of your team members’ code changes and to refer and trace back between tasks and codes.

How do I integrate with GitHub?

  1. Go to Quire & Beyond

    Quire App Directory

  2. Choose Github and click on Install

    Quire Github integration

  3. Choose the project that you would like to integrate Github to


  4. Authorize your Github account with Quire

    Github authorization

  5. Choose the Github repositories you want to connect to Quire

    Github repositories

  6. Successfully integrated Github with Quire

    Github repositories

Once you are back to your project, the integration is done!

Goodbye for now!

Crystal Chen
Content writer, food lover, and aniholic.