by Quire

Quire is a task management software that aims to help you achieve all of your dreams. However, in some certain cases, Quire alone may be not enough to help you get things done. You have to rely on one or two more apps to build the most complete workflow.

For example, before when you receive an email, you have to open Quire and manually create a new task by copy and paste, then type in the description field and assign a tag for the task. Now with Zapier, all of the routine repetitive tasks can be automated with a single click only, saving you all of the time and effort. You can focus on more important work without spending too much time on coding the integrations between Quire and your favorite apps.

To learn more how to integrate Quire with Zapier and connect with 2000+ apps, visit this blog post for more detailed information.

Last updated: Jul 7, 2020