mobile · Jun 14, 2016

Snap your ideas! Introducing Quire for iOS

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Honestly. How many times have you ditched your ideas?

Or, gone through the trouble of drawing them on a napkin or sketching them on a meeting board, and then simply forgetting where to look or losing them completely on the next day, just to name a few?

We’re proud to present to you Quire app on iOS!

It's the first-ever task manager that snaps your ideas as words or photos in seconds, and sails them smoothly with your team!

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It’s amazing to have a big goal or dream. However, they can be challenging to accomplish in a dynamic world. Whatever you need to realize it, Quire is there to help!

Tackle Big Goal with Small Steps

Break it down into as small a step as you need. That’s how our minds naturally work. No matter how challenging your goal is, Quire lets you map out your thoughts.

Turn Growing Plan into Minimal To-dos

Pick out a few tasks at a time. That’s how we drive inspirations forward. Instead of being buried in a long list of to-dos, Quire lets you keep it rolling without losing the big picture.

Do Less, Accomplish More with Your Team

Keep everyone engaged in real-time collaboration. Quire lets you work seamlessly with your team across all of your devices, anytime, anywhere, online or offline. Even remotely, such a harmonious team succeeds together.

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That’s it in a nutshell.

We want to thank you for your continued support that has motivated us to make Quire for iOS part of the Quire family. To download it, visit the App Store. You never know when an idea might pop in your head!

Crystal Chen
Content writer, food lover, and aniholic.