productivity tips · Jan 5, 2016

Keep Your New Year's Resolutions on the Road

My helpful screenshot New year comes with an opportunity for you to become a more productive, better and happier person by kicking off the resolutions you set to accomplish.

Having said that, people who set resolutions never expect themselves to follow through. In fact, 25% of them give up by January 7. Here’s a tip to help you go from making them, to actually keeping them.

First, make a plan.

How many times have you had ideas, but never had the chance to carry them out in the real world?

What you need is a plan. A plan can be an outline where you’ve taken down ideas, divided them into smaller items and organized them in the order you want.

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Next, organize the plan.

You now have a plan, which is great. But you may have trouble sticking to it.

The solution is a plan with details like due dates, priorities, tags and assignees, so you’ll know what should be done, when should they be done and who should do them.

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Then, execute the plan.

Even with a detailed plan, you may have difficulty figuring out what you should do next.

By selecting your own filter options, you can focus on just a few tasks that need your immediate attention.

And, more importantly, DO them like Shia LaBeuof urges you to do!

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So basically, make a plan, organize the plan, and carry out the plan. Don’t be afraid to change it if something comes up, because you can always add something in or change something, and still focus on what need to be done.

Then, whatever goal you’ve set won’t be a far-off thing you’re shooting for!

Crystal Chen
Content writer, food lover, and aniholic.