features · Apr 14, 2023

Introducing Sections: Divide and Conquer Your Task List

Quire sections

Are you tired of having too much on your plate and your plain old task list doesn’t help? We all need our task list to be organized so that we can be more organized ourselves. Today we’re excited to introduce Sections - the easiest way to group your task list and get a more structured view of your project.

What are Quire Sections?

Sections in Quire are a way of organizing and grouping tasks within a project. They are similar to folders or categories but have more structure and flexibility.

Each section has its own set of tasks, which can be managed independently of other sections. This makes tracking progress, assigning tasks to team members, and managing deadlines easier. Also, Quire is one of the very few, if not saying the first tool that lets you have a hierarchical structure for sections (multiple-level sections).

You can group your tasks by Section in the Kanban Board view for better organization.

How should I use Sections?

Of course, the main use of sections is dividing your tasks into different categories. Instead of a laundry list, you should have a more well-structured list that actually helps you get things done.

Here are some samples of how we use Sections at Quire:

  1. Group the project based on the working stages.
  2. Use Sections as Headers when brainstorming ideas for content writing.
  3. Group the tasks that belong to a common goal.
  4. Name the Section as a Client’s Name or Company and group all the relevant tasks together under that section.

Have you thought of any other uses for sections? Let us know in the comment section!

For a detailed guide on how to best utilize your sections, please visit our Guide for Section.

How to best organize with Sections, Folders, and Sublist?

When working on a mammoth project, getting lost in the huge amount of tasks and information is so easy. Putting everything into one long list might seem the best thing to do at the time, but don’t.

At Quire, we always emphasize the power of breaking down a big goal into small, manageable tasks and subtasks. A couple of years back, we introduced Quire Sublist - how you can create a sublist within a project. By having a more personalized list that mirrors the main list helps you a lot with focusing on what needs to be done and what is the most relevant to your scope of work as well.

A while back, we added Folder for you to better organize the projects and easy navigation. You can create different folders within one organization and start adding projects to those folders.

Now with the latest update, Section is added to your project. You can think of it this way: A project is like a book, a sublist is a chapter, a folder is your book collection, and a section is like a paragraph.

Next time when you’re struggling with a project, try to break it down into smaller, more manageable sections, folders, and sublists. You can now focus on the steps in front of you and steadily make progress toward your goal, instead of feeling overwhelmed by the big picture. You might be surprised at how much easier it is to tackle your to-do list when it’s organized in a way that makes sense to you.

No matter how you’re working on your tasks, you’re bound to face a more complex project than you thought. But no worries, take our tips and best utilize the features that we curated just for you so that you will stay more productive and actually enjoy the process of walking towards your final goal.

That’s all for today! Is there anything that you’d like us to know? Let us know in the comment section and we’re all ears!

Vicky Pham
Marketer by day, Bibliophile by night.