features · Jul 13, 2016

We’re not Facebook. So why Like?

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What does Quire and Facebook have in common? Likes.

In Quire, we call them favorites. Of course you can ♥ a task and feel proud of the 23 number of ♥ you get, but more importantly, it’s a way to easily see the tasks that matter to you. Personally.

In other words, when you want to focus on a few tasks that are important to you and you alone, you ♥ them.

Below, we dig into favorites a bit more:

They are personal.

You may ask, why have favorites when we’ve already got priority or tags? The answer is because they’re personal.

If a task has priority or tags, it’s shared by every member in the project. That is, your team members can see them, edit them, remove them, etc. But, with favorites, you and yourself alone have the rights to them! Simply put, they’re like your personal bookmarks.

For example, you have a task or two that that you want to focus on this week. You can favorite these tasks, and then filter by Favorited by me to see them.

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They are minimal too.

You may ask again, how is it different from followers?

With followers, it’s likely that you’ll follow as many tasks as possible in just one project so you can be kept in the loop of all things happening to them. But, you may want to focus on just a few ones important to you silently too. No one does it better than favorites!

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They are social, obviously.

Favorites can come in handy when you want to see where you team’s heart lies.

For example, when you made a list of all the possible features you think the new app should have, you can ask your folks to vote it up. So for each winning feature with the highest number of votes, you’ll know they’re definitely a go!

Worthy to mention here is the difference between ♥ and ♡.

A solid heart means you’ve liked the task, whereas an empty heart means you didn’t like it. The number beside either heart indicates the number of people who’ve liked the task.

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Now, you know what you can do with ♥. And it’s not just for fun.

To summarize it in a sentence, favorite is not just about like but more importantly, about focusing on minimal tasks that matter to you personally.

We hope you ♥ it.

Oh and you can choose to turn this feature off in the "Project settings" whenever you want.

Crystal Chen
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