Looking for Producteev Alternatives?

You might have committed years to Producteev to boost your team’s productivity.

But now, as this product is meeting their EOL, you are given less than a month’s time and panicking to find alternative solutions.

Quire is one of the best alternatives you should consider.

Quire: Free Project Management Software to Replace Producteev

According to HuffPost, Quire is one of the top 7 project management softwares for creative teams to accomplish their projects efficiently.

You can easily jot down your big ideas and break them down into smaller and smaller items for execution and collaboration with your team.

Quire has simple to-do lists with unlimited tasks and subtasks, real-time collaboration features like comments and notifications, and flexible filtering capabilities to help you focus on what matters at the moment, all wrapped up in a user-friendly interface.

Like Producteev, its UI is what you are already familiar with; For example, the 3 panels in one single workspace. But it is much more upgraded in terms of simplicity and speed in Quire.

Features such as labels, priorities, deadlines, filters and shortcuts, are also available. For more key features, you can check out here.

Easily Import from Your Exported Producteev Excel, Spreadsheet or CSV

How do you migrate to Quire? It is very simple.

Export your data in Producteev into a CSV file. Next, adjust the header name of each column to Name (Title), Status, Priority, Tag (Label), Assignee (Responsibles), Due (Deadline), and Description (Notes), in no particular order, and their corresponding cells so they can be recognized. Then, copy & paste everything into a Quire project.

Note: Assignees (members) and tags must already be added in the project to be recognizable.

For more details, see here.

Now, you can join others who have successfully migrated their projects, and just pick up where you left off in Producteev in Quire!

If you have any question or need help, reach out to us at info@quire.io.

“We switched from ProductEev to Quire since few days and really love it.”
-- Silvan H.

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