milestones · Mar 20, 2020

Quire joins forces with Google and Zoom to offer free accounts for Nonprofits

Coronavirus Outbreak

The last couple weeks have been surreal! A lot of economic experts have predicted the global recession has slowly begun and global authorities have rolled out the Covid-19 economic rescue package. Pandemic leads to panic everywhere, people start hoarding food and other necessities of life. Social distance and work-from-home have been implemented as mandatory policies to help slow down the spread of the novel coronavirus.

We understand your struggles, and we would like to share the burden with all of the Nonprofits who have been suffering financially amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Quire will offer completely free accounts for Nonprofits during the outbreak, no strings attached.

Coronavirus Social Distance

In recent years, Quire has the honor to help thousands of remote teams collaborate from all over the world and ensure the business’ long-term success. Our communities have risen stronger than ever, and this is the time for us to return the favor to our users. Though Quire has already remained free since its launch, this time we went an extra mile for the Nonprofits and Education Institutions. During this challenging time, we decided to remove the quota limits for eligible Nonprofits’ accounts. We hope to help Nonprofit organizations achieve their missions while still staying within budget.

Quire for Nonprofits signup

Amid the outbreak, mobile working helps slow down the spread of the virus and prevent public exposure to the infected persons. Thousands of businesses have immediately adopted a project management software to cope with the remote working situation. Nonetheless, most of the tools in the market require a big check for the whole team to use the software and filing for a budget in such short notice seems to be a problem for Nonprofits.

“Helping people achieve their dreams has always been our core value and we thrive to provide a transparent and reliable platform for everyone to collaborate from anywhere in the world”, said Tom Yeh, CEO at Quire. “It’s our responsibility to contribute something to our community and society and help businesses grow in this difficult time.” In the spirit of sharing, Quire offers free accounts for every Nonprofits users without any strings attached, lifting the users’ quota limitation and providing unlimited resources for Nonprofits teams to collaborate.

In addition to the free accounts offer, Nonprofits and any businesses can also reach out to the Quire Support team and schedule a free demo session. It is critical for employees and businesses that are not familiar with a cloud-based collaboration tool to have a detailed and thorough step-by-step demo to be productive in a remote working environment.

COVID-19 pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic now becomes a global health and social emergency, we commit to do our part to support businesses to the fullest extent during this challenging time. We want you to know that you’re not alone in this crisis. This too shall pass and spring is awaiting for us! We are all in this together, and we will get through this together!

Stay calm, wash your hands and let Quire help you achieve your missions from a distance!

Vicky Pham
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