workstyle · May 26, 2015

3 Reasons to Be and Stay Lazy

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I’m a lazy person (let’s be honest here, who isn’t).

Though my parents keep telling me ever since I turned 18 that it’s a very bad habit, I’m confident that it’s the key to a better life, and a better future.

Here are my reasons:

1. Save Time

Being lazy means you will find ways or means to get more things done in lesser time efficiently.

If I can express my feelings in two words, I wouldn’t use three; if I can make a delicious grilled cheese sandwich in three steps, I wouldn’t make it four.

Or if I want to create a detailed list of my favorite restaurants in the city, I wouldn’t bother writing it down in a notebook, like my non-tech savvy auntie did.

With so many top task management tools out there, including Asana, Basecamp and Quire, it’s actually quite easy to do so.

2. Less Waste

Being lazy means you are less likely to buy stuff, and thus less likely to throw them away.

I remember two years ago, I had to move from an apartment to another every three months, and with each time that I moved, I carried lesser and lesser belongings with me.

Now, I find myself disliking the idea of buying more goods, since it always makes me feel like adding unnecessary weight onto my shoulders.

Why buy a new T-shirt when you’ve already got enough to wear for one week? It’d be like having the extra credit card that you’ll never use in your purse.

3. More Fun

Once you save yourself time and energy, it’s no doubt that you’ll have more time for other things and people.

For example, you can have dinners with your families, watch DVDs with your friends, go camping with your dog, and even learn something new.

In all, I think laziness is a good thing.

If you’re like me, you like getting things done fast without burdening yourself and still having the time for activities and games, let’s be lazy, or stay lazy.

Crystal Chen
Content writer, food lover, and aniholic.