workstyle · Aug 26, 2014

How a Good Task Management Tool can Help Make Your Life a lot Easier!

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In a modern world like this, with the launch of the internet and what comes with it the abundant flow of information makes today’s business world more dynamic than ever. If you are still using sheets of paper or static documents to manage your tasks, you’re out. It’s about time you find yourself and your team a task management tool that would help you increase your team’s productivity, efficiency and performance.

So, how to choose? When it comes to task managers, the phrase “the more the merrier” doesn't seem to be quite the phrase to use. You want all the necessary features but without all the unnecessary features that would complicate the UI, or slow down the performance. Imagine managing your tasks in a turtle speed, I don’t know about you, but I would definitely go crazy. Find one that balances your needs.

A good task management tool should not only provide a list of tasks you don’t want to forget, it should also have 3 things —

  • time collaboration.
  • visual hierarchy of tasks and,
  • simplicity in the UI.

Let’s take “Quire” as an example and see how it can transform the way you do things to help you and your team to achieve more work, in less time.

Needless to say, team work is very important. It is the key to successful projects which ultimately leads to a successful company. In order to do this, traditionally we have meetings, meetings AND more meetings which can be both physically and mentally draining, not to mention time wasting. And when there’s a tiny little change in the project or on a particular task, this will happen all over again! To make your life easier, real time collaboration and notification is essential for a dynamic team project that may change at any second.

In Quire, comments of your team members, file attachments, any changes made to tasks are notified in real time working pretty similarly to Facebook notifications. Like you don’t want to miss a comment from your friend, you also don’t want to miss an important piece of information from your project members. You can also see who’s currently online working on the same project as you so you can cue them for immediate response.

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Visual hierarchy of tasks. This is something more rare and less found in the market which is rather surprising considering its importance. As the actual executor of the tasks, we don’t just want a list of to-dos, it is important that we can visually see the relationship and hierarchy between tasks. Quire has made this possible by introducing the tree structure — the fundamental pattern we see everywhere in nature. Like how an idea spawns more ideas, a task may lead to several sub-tasks, Quire replicates how the human minds work into the app’s workflow. Your team can easily work your way through completing a big task by dividing it into sub-tasks and assigning them to different people.

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Simplicity in the UI (user interface). This is just about as important as water is to fish and air is to you. Easier said than done, most task management tools have appalling complicated UIs to accommodate the many features they provide. But is complexity of UI really proportional to features? The answer is NO. After all, what’s the point of all those good features if you can’t know where to find them?

Quire has a succinct and elegant UI providing you great user experience. You can easily find where to edit your profile, filter your tasks, who’s assigned to what, whether or not there is an urgent task to do, comments of your colleagues, files attached etc. all in a spacious design. You won’t have to make vigorous eye movements to find a particular task. Like Leonardo da Vinci said “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.

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So now, it is time to chuck out that piece of paper of yours or leave that un-user friendly task management tool you’re currently tolerating and start finding yourself and your team a suitable task management tool! Increased productivity, efficiency and performance will come closer to you by the day. Good luck!

I also recommend you to try Quire, it’s free!

Be Green. Be Smart. Be Collaborative.

Nancy Lin
Marketing specialist, gourmet lover and, fashionholic.