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Quire 101

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Even though we’re already simple enough and you’re surely smart enough, here’s a real basic guide of Quire:


A task is the basic unit of action in Quire.

Create a Task

Click on to create a task.

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Tip: You can press + or Ctrl+Enter (Cmd+Enter for Mac) to add a task next to a selected task.

Create a Subtask

Click on to create a subtask.

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Note: You can create unlimited subtasks in unlimited layers.

For each task, you can add a due date, assignee, tags, and so on. You can also drag and drop any task or subtask whenever its priority or relationship changes.

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When you click on a task, you will see its detail on the right. This is where you can do more, such as adding descriptions and comments and attaching files, to the task.

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There are easier ways for you to navigate and manage your tasks: keyboard shortcuts.

Click on Keyboard Shortcuts under the Help icon in the bottom-right of your screen, or simply press F1 (Fn+F1 for Mac).

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A project is a hierarchical list of tasks.

You can switch from one project to another in the sidebar, after you click on on the upper-left of your screen.

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In the sidebar, you will not only see all of your projects under Projects, but also all of your tasks, tasks that have been assigned to you, in My Tasks.

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Tip: You can choose to always show the sidebar by clicking on the "pin" icon.

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Create a Project

To create a project, click on “+” at the top of the sidebar.

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That’s it for our very basic Quire 101 guide. For more advanced features, you can check out other posts in the category Features.

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