dreams · Jan 3, 2017

Dream Chasers: Collaborating with people around the globe effortlessly.

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With 30 sales people, 40 fund managers and thousands of clients across the globe, Quire’s simplicity and flexibility allow Green Shoots Capital to keep everyone and everything in one central place.

Collaborating with different people from different countries can be tedious - but not for us at Green Shoots Capital.

We are a Switzerland-based financial company that sells financial products. Three months ago, we found ourselves spending hours each day to figure out who is doing what and what has been updated.

Given that we have about 30 team members (all under 50 by the way) from countries including Switzerland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Dubai working with 40 fund managers and thousands of clients, the company needed a tool to bring all our team, communication and data into one central place.

“We are a multi-dimensional team. Everything has to fit in a simple system that lets us collaborate easily despite distance. Quire is perfect.”
-- Sebastian Schaefer
Founder of Green Shoots Capital

The biggest challenge my team and I had before using Quire was being able to easily refer to our clients’ data and keep track of everything that is going on. “We did not want to use a CRM system that comes with too much things and too much complexity,” said Sebastian, founder of Green Shoots Capital. “It simply will not help our team to do what we are supposed to do.”

Now in Quire, we have every colleague as a project and in each project, each client that the colleague is responsible for as a task that includes the client’s profile in its description. If we ever need to focus on a specific group of clients, we just add tags (eg. 10 different tag for 10 different products) and filter by them.

For example, my colleague is working with a client - a top Swiss bank - and she had a meeting to show them a fund product. When I wanted to know how it went and give some suggestions, I simply posted a comment which was nicely time stamped, and so right after being notified of it, she could check it out.

For us, Quire keeps communication between different people from different countries easy, and everything else organized and ready within our reach, in ways it never was before!

“Quire has done a great job for us. It really works for us and is updating everything super quickly and whenever I want to check something, it is there.”
-- Sebastian Schaefer
Founder of Green Shoots Capital

Sebastian Schaefer
Hedge Fund Entrepreneur