milestones · Jul 23, 2018

Quire Mark III: Nested Tasks Meets Board

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Today, we are proud to announce: Quire Mark III for you to streamline your workflow visually in a board.

For years, many Quire users have enjoyed “nested tasks” to see and organize their ideas into a well-planned list of small, actionable to-dos.

Now, with Kanban board, execution on your to-dos is made even easier! You can focus on your daily, prioritized tasks in a visual representation of your workflow, and at any time switch to see the big picture of your actionable plan.

What Can You Do in A Board?

In the “Board” view of your project, you can add multiple boards, each with different statuses, to better manage your team’s tasks and focus on completing them.

For example, you and your team want to build a mobile app.

First, you have your ideas broken down into tasks and subtasks in the “Tasks” view.

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Next, in the “Board” view, you add three boards named Design, Development and Marketing for different teams each week of the month.

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Then, you pick out a couple tasks to add them to status columns like To Dos, Development, Testing and Completed.

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You can also set filter like sort by Assignee to further focus on tasks in your own swimlane!

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Wait! Didn’t Others Already Have To Do List and Kanban?

Yes, a few do. But we do it quite differently.

For most of them, To Do List and Kanban are two different projects. You have to choose one of them, not both, when working on a project.

For Quire, To Do List (actually “Nested” To Do List) and Kanban are two different working modes of the same project. You break down ideas into a list of to-dos, pick a few out, and add them to boards to manage and complete them in a short period of time.

In short, Quire’s nested “Tasks” view is good for planning and seeing the big picture of your project, while the “Board” view is more for visualizing the project’s tasks for tracking and focusing.

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Without You, We Would Not Have Made This Far.

Like always, we want to thank you all for your feedback and support.

Quire 3.0 now offers an Agile bridge between board and nested to do list. When combined together, they give your team an even more natural, smoother workflow from ideas to action.

So have a go! And let us hear your thoughts below.

Crystal Chen
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