mobile · Apr 25, 2019

Quire Mobile 3.0: Kanban Board comes to Mobile App

Kanban Board

Hello Quire squad, we have some great news for all of you! One of the long-awaited features that all of our users have been requesting has come to life. Today we are super excited that we have brought our famous Kanban Board to both Android and iOS App.

We both know how you all love to use the nested task list to dump your ideas and organize them into a hierarchical order. Now Mobile users, you can get in motion and have a jumpstart with your project using Quire Kanban Board.

Why Kanban board?

If you’re a Quire Expert, you already know how Kanban Board helps you execute your project! And the ones who are new onboard, it’s okay, using our Kanban Board is just as easy as our nested task list!

The basic idea of Kanban board is to select several crucial tasks from your long nested list and move them to a board, so that for a short time you can get all of your attention to those specific tasks only. Since everything is laid straightforward in a board with columns, you can easily visualize your workflow.

Think of every task as a sticky note and your board as a blackboard - you can drag and drop to move the tasks across columns through every stage. You can also add new tasks to increase the workload and track the progress of what you have been doing.

Did you know that we also have “swimlane” in our Kanban board? No, it’s not the real swimlane. It’s the figurative flow that shows in Quire Kanban board by using either filter or sort feature. You can view related tasks in sorted order, which helps you focus more on what matters to you.

For example, you can choose “Sort by Assignee” to view all the tasks that are grouped by each assignee to get a hold of who is responsible for what.

Nested Task List Teams Up With Kanban Board

Nested task list and Kanban board

You may ask why you need both of the working modes, why not only task list or Kanban board like other project management solutions? At Quire, we believe the sky’s the limit as long as you break your challenging goal into attainable tasks and achieve them one-by-one.

Quire task list with the hierarchical structure allows you to brainstorm and plan ahead for your projects. On the other hand, Quire Kanban board is for execution and progress tracking. The best thing with Quire is, you can switch between nested task list and Kanban board at any time to get the best of both worlds.

We always wish to help everyone achieve their dreams. Don’t let anyone stop you from fulfilling your dream. We hope Quire can give you a little push to move closer to your dream 😃

Have fun and enjoy Quire! If you have something you want us to know, leave us a comment here or send us an email to We’re all ears!

Vicky Pham