milestones · Dec 21, 2021

Quire in 2021: A Look Back at 2021 and See What the Future Holds

Productivity 2021

Everything that happened in the last 365 days isn't exactly easy for anyone, but it doesn't mean that your productivity needs to slow down. The keywords for this year are still "remote working" and "work management" 📝 Let's reflect and review together what happened here at Quire in 2021 and see what the future holds for you and us in 2022! ✨

Introducing Timeline and Nested Kanban Board 2.0

Gantt Chart is always one of the top requests that we had been receiving in the past and 2021 marks the debut of Quire Timeline - a game-changer for anyone who would like to schedule the projects and stay on top of the deadlines.

Nested Task List isn't a new concept for any Quireans anymore. But how about Nested Kanban Board? Yes, you're right, we've made that happen! Now you can visualize your tasks and their subtasks in the Quire Kanban Board view.

New Resources to Support Quire Community

After 8 years of being in the beta phase, Quire has officially launched our subscription program in 2021. This is an opportunity for us to gain more resources to be able to empower teams to dream bigger.

We still keep our promise to Quireans who have been with us since day one - you can always use Quire for free, no strings attached. The new subscription program is just an opportunity for you to expand your teams to a larger scale, that's it!

With the new Students Pricing Program and Nonprofits Pricing Program, we are proud to help out hundreds of student groups and NPOs to achieve new heights without the financial burden.

Say Hello to Quire Daintree

Quire Daintree marks the biggest thing that happened to Quire Themes since 2014! The latest theme color includes new font, better contrast, and readability to our users.

The new theme is available for all of our users, and stay tuned, more themes are to come in 2022! 🥰

Cultivate Collaboration with Quire & Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a conversation-based collaboration platform that provides chat and cross-functional teams with the ability to work together and share information via a common space.

Quire and Ms Teams integration lets users communicate with teammates while directly working on the Quire project.

Integration with Microsoft Teams and Quire will help you stay informed with relevant updates in Quire. You need a valid active Quire account to use this integration for free.

More Well-rounded Experience for Your Productivity

Our team has been working hard to continuously improve the performance of Quire workspace and now you can tell the significant difference in how fast Quire loads.

With big and complicated projects, Quire now loads 50% faster!! Don't hesitate to integrate Quire with every task in your life! We're more than ready to handle your task lists!

What's Next? 2022 Here We Come!

Not sure if you're able to tell how excited we are for what the future holds for Quire in 2022! Time-tracking, Native Calendar, Custom Fields, Templates are coming your way!

Taking your productivity up a notch is what drives us to improve Quire and bring you the finest experience with your project management work. Don't settle, move to Quire and raise your voice and let us know how else we can help with your productivity!

Thank you for an awesome year! We're ready for the next chapter 💪 See you in 2022!

Have a wonderful, productive, and prosperous New Year,

From all of us at Quire 💚

Vicky Pham
Marketer by day, Bibliophile by night.