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How to Smoothly Switch from Todoist to Quire

Todoist Alternatives

Todoist stands out as one of the best to-do list apps amongst thousands of productivity apps and gets approvals from millions of users. But you’re not yet happy with Todoist, and you are looking for a change.

For a solo user, Todoist might be all you need. But for a solo user who works with a complex project or for a small team, Todoist can only offer the most basic functionalities and features to help you out. The menial work can be done with Todoist, or basically through any other reminder apps. But you (and your team) deserve so much more than that.

You love the simplicity of Todoist interface and its powerful feature, but you’re here exploring Quire for a better experience. And what can we say? You’ve made the right choice and we’re more than happy to get you started right where you left off with Todoist.

“I love how it’s easy to use. I love all of the features that are crafted with the sole purpose of helping you achieve your goals! I really like the simplicity of Quire which allows me to outline my thoughts powerfully and create organized plans that help me accomplish big projects!”

-- Peter S., Head of Product Design, started to use Quire 2 years ago


Quick Migration to Quire from Todoist

If you have been working with Todoist for a while, changes can be uncomfortable, but you deserve the best! Here’s how you move your data from Todoist to Quire: fast, simple and pain-free!

  1. Export your data from Todoist into a JSON file (save as a JSON file from the web browser). If you don’t have a Todoist Premium account, take advantage of this open source tool to export a JSON file from Todoist.

    Todoist Export

  2. Create a new project at Quire.

    Task management project

  3. Click on the dropdown next to your new project’s name and import the uncompressed JSON file.

    To do list app

Now your projects from Todoist should be already successfully transferred to Quire! You’ve been granted a new platform to successfully achieve your goal! Pick up where you left off with Todoist. Enjoy your work with Quire!

Note: All projects from Todoist will be imported to one single Quire project. You can use the transfer feature to split into different projects and organizations.

Ready to kickstart your project and continue where you left off?

Of course we never want you to feel left out here, so we have prepared a few helpful resources to lend you a hand with setting up your account with Quire!

Welcome to Quire! You’re ready for the next challenge!

We hope this step-by-step tutorial makes you feel more confident to get started on Quire! We believe Quire can help you achieve your goals, plan your future and get things done in the most efficient way.

Let us know your first experience with Quire in the comments section or tweet us at @quire_io!

Vicky Pham
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