After dumping and organizing all your ideas in the nested task list view, it’s time to work on your project!
Get focused on selected tasks and visualize your workflow with the Kanban board.

Name Your Board

After listing out your hundred of tasks for the Children's Run Charity event, now you would like to focus on some crucial tasks at the initial stage. Simply create a board.

To add a board, click on the "+" button, choose to Add board and type in the Board name.

Tip: You could create multiple boards for different stages of your project.

Start Adding Tasks to Board

Start by adding existing tasks from the task list which you want to focus for this stage.

Click on the "+" sign at the top right corner of a column, choose "Add existing tasks".

add tasks to Kanban board

Of course, if you didn't find anything you want to add in the existing tasks, you can create new tasks in the board view.

Choose "Create new tasks" instead.

Don't Forget the Details

You could add more detailed information by setting start/due dates, assignees, and tags.

Click on the "date", "assignee", "tag" icons to set additional information.

Kanban board assignees

Tip: By pressing the Spacebar, the detail panel will show up for you to add descriptions, attach files, leave comments, etc.

Track and Organize the Progress

You can reposition tasks in the column for higher priority. Also, you can drag and drop tasks to different columns for progress tracking.

Now, you will be able to see the dynamic status of your project at a glance.

Feeling like all the tasks are squished into one column and it's getting harder to get a hold of the workload and status of each team member?

You can use filter/sort feature to group your tasks by the preferred attributes. For example: grouped by assignees to see each members' responsible tasks.

Kanban board swimlane

Helpful Shortcuts

Add & Edit

  • Enter — To add a new task.
  • F2 — To edit the task name.


  • — To go to the task above.
  • — To go to the task below.
  • Space — To open the right detail panel.


  • Shift + ↑/↓ — To select multiple tasks.
  • Ctrl + A — To select all tasks.


  • Ctrl + ↑/↓ — To move tasks up or down.
  • Ctrl + ←/→ — To move tasks left or right, aka column to column.

Note: When the board is sorted by date, you would not be able to move tasks from one swimlane to another.

Task Action

  • Ctrl + M — To assign a selected task(s) to yourself.
  • Ctrl + / — To complete the selected task(s).
  • Ctrl + Z — To show the Undo window.

Copy & Paste

  • Ctrl + C — To copy selected task(s).
  • Ctrl + V — To paste selected task(s).
  • Ctrl + X — To cut selected task(s).

Quick Assign

To quickly set assignee, tag, etc. without the mouse, press @, #, <, !, ^, / on the keyboard when task(s) are selected.

  • @ — Add assignee
  • # — Add tag
  • < — Add due date
  • ! — Set priority
  • ^ — Add task to board
  • / — Set status

Right-Click Context Menu

You can right-click on a task, to bring up the context menu to set due date, assignee, tag, and more.

Tip: You could switch from Board view to Task list view for getting a big picture of your whole project.

Create Your Own Board Now!

That's all we have to talk about Kanban board for now. Go ahead and have fun!

Kanban board collaboration

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