milestones · Dec 12, 2022

Quire Rewind 2022: What Happened? What’s Next?

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We hope by the time you read this blog post, you will have cleaned out your desk, completed your task lists, and finally sat by the fireplace to savor a cup of coffee with your loved ones because you deserved it! 💚

Enhancing Quire for Teamwork

If there’s a theme for 2022, we’d say it is "Teamwork makes the dream work". In 2022, we introduced customizable permissions and roles so that you can allocate your team resources better! Everyone in your team is important, they just need to be assigned with the right roles! 🚀

From the Panorama view to the email to Quire, to the full-width reading mode, to sorting within a selected range, to the integration with OneDrive, we carefully crafted these features just because we know how success always starts with a small step! 😎

Schedule forward with Smart Calendar

When it comes to schedule management, you're actually a pro! We just kicked it up a notch by introducing Quire Smart Calendar to help you and your team visualize the future better and schedule your success forward!

Of course, unlike other project management software with calendar view out there, you are not limited to only one calendar view. We have not one, but five different views for you to visualize your projects (the classic buy one get five deal, we know!) 🤘

Calendar View is exclusive for Professional, Premium and Enterprise subscription plans. More information can be found on our Pricing page.

What’s On the Horizons for Quire?

That’s enough for 2022. Let’s talk about 2023 and what you should be expecting to see in Quire. Time tracking is very close to be released, along with folders. Also, custom fields, SSO, automation, and many more other features are going to be added to Quire. So stay tuned!

We’ll see you again in 2023.

Until then, sit back, relax, and savor a cup of coffee to enjoy the last couple weeks of 2022.

Vicky Pham
Marketer by day, Bibliophile by night.