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Brunch with Quire: Top 7 Quire Mobile Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

Quire Mobile App

Welcome to another episode of Brunch with Quire! It has been a while since we rolled out our Mobile 5 with a whole new navigation system. We hope your life has been easier with the help from Quire Mobile! If not (ooooopsss! 😓 ), probably you have overlooked and missed some of these mobile hacks!

1. Quickly add the task by dragging the “+” button

Add a task

The redesigned Quick Add function lets you quickly add your task to the desired position. Just drag the + button to the place where you would like your new task or subtask to be created, then you can directly type in the task name.

2. Shake, shake, shake to turn on the Advanced Mode

Advanced Mode

Since the mobile screen doesn’t allow us to show too many details, we chose to hide some of the information that is not critical to your tasks. But if you would like to enable the Advanced mode to view more tasks’ details, you can always shake your phone.

The default display mode for Quire Mobile App is Basic. If shaking is too much work, you can simply change the default display mode to Advanced in the Account Settings if needed!

Read more on how to use Advanced Mode in the browser version.

3. Swipe to complete a task

Complete a task

Don’t tell us you’re an expert Quirean if you still go to the detail panel to complete a task! If you’re used to tapping the small circle at the beginning of the task name in the web version, you might be shocked to know that there’s a quicker way to complete a task in the Quire Mobile app.

Just swipe all the way to the right and your task will be completed! If you only half-swipe your task, you can set the new status for your task.

4. Slide the screen down to view a task’s path

View the task path

What is a task’s path - you might wonder. To put it in a simple way, a task's path can let you know where the task comes from, what the context of the task is and how the task is related to its parent task(s).

If your display mode is Basic by default, you have to slide down on the task name in the detail panel to view the task’s path. However, if your display mode is set to Advanced, the task’s path is shown automatically. To hide the task’s path, you must turn off the Advanced mode by shaking the phone or do it in the Account Settings.

5. Add a task to Quire using Siri

Quire Siri

Who has time to manually type a task in Quire, right? We got your back! Just tell Siri your command and we will take care of the rest!

  • Remind me to [task name] [due date] in Quire!
  • Remind me to [task name] in Quire!

Now a new task is already added to Quire and you’re all geared up to start a productive day! Don’t waste time on menial work like typing in a task, let Siri help you!

iOS smart assistant Siri can understand different languages, you just have to make sure to change the language in Siri settings accordingly. Don’t be shy! Start your first conversation with a simple “Hi Siri!”

Read more on how to use Quire with Siri.

6. Pinch to zoom in and zoom out a task

Zoom in a task

In case you don’t know this, in the browser version, you can use the shortcut z and a to zoom in and zoom out a task. But how can you do that with your phone?

Simply pinch to zoom in and zoom out a task! This gesture can let you narrow down your never ending task list to a small section! Of course, you can take advantage of the Quire Sublist, but a quick way to zoom in and out never hurts your productivity!

Read more on how Quire Sublist can boost your team and personal productivity.

Search a task

Your projects deserve two types of search, just sayin’! We know you might not even notice, but if you use the search in the Home view, you’re searching across projects and organizations.

However, if you’re already accessed to a particular project and now you use the search task function, you’re searching for the results within this project or this view only.

Check out Quire Official Youtube Channel.

You can start with the most basic tutorial video on how to get started with Quire Mobile app.

We have two playlists that should hugely benefit you and your productivity: Quire Mobile Basics and Quire Bitesize Guide 😍

That’s pretty much what we have to say for this “Brunch with Quire” session! We hope you will find at least one of these hacks useful to help you with your productivity and your work life!

To stay up-to-date with the latest news and updates from Quire, follow us on Twitter at @quire_io! We’re pretty active on Twitter, just sayin’ 😍

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