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20 Hidden Features in Quire that You Should Know to Elevate Your Productivity

Quire best project management software

Quire, your favorite dynamic project management tool, is more than just a platform to organize tasks. Digging deeper into its functionalities reveals a treasure trove of hidden features that can significantly elevate your productivity.

In this comprehensive blog post, we'll delve into 20 lesser-known features in Quire that are designed to streamline your workflow, foster collaboration, and enhance your overall project management experience.

1. The Advanced Mode

Quire advanced mode

Unlock the full potential of Quire with the Advanced Mode, which provides users with a higher degree of control and customization over their projects. Dive into advanced settings and configurations to tailor Quire to your specific needs.

By pressing the I key (or Option for Mac), you will be able to see the IDs of tasks, sublist, description, attachment, and comment icons of tasks if any.

For a step-by-step guide on how to utilize the Advanced Mode, please visit our guide.

2. Task Bundle in Board View

Kanban Board Bundle

In our default Board view, the tasks will show in a flat layout. Optimize your board view by bundling related tasks together. With Task Bundle, the subtasks will nest under its parent task so the task hierarchy will be preserved as it is.

This visual organization feature not only adds aesthetic appeal but also provides a more coherent and structured representation of your project.

For a step-by-step guide on how to turn on the Task Bundle, please visit our guide.

3. Freeze Columns in Table View

Quire Table View

Freezing columns in Table View is a vital feature that enhances efficiency when working with large datasets. It ensures key information remains visible while scrolling, facilitating quick reference and improving overall data accessibility.

This feature is particularly valuable for managing complex projects or datasets with numerous columns, streamlining workflow, and enhancing the precision of information management and interpretation.

For a step-by-step guide on how to freeze your columns, please visit our guide.

4. Inline Assign

Quire Assignees

Streamline task assignment with the Inline Assign feature, allowing you to delegate responsibilities directly while creating the task name. This eliminates the need to navigate to different sections for delegation, saving you valuable time.

For a step-by-step guide on how to use Inline Assign, please visit our guide

5. Multiple Select and Change in Batch

Quire Multiple Assignees

Save time and boost efficiency by selecting multiple tasks and making batch changes effortlessly. This feature is a game-changer for those moments when you need to implement global adjustments to your project.

For a step-by-step guide on how to use Multiple Select and Change in Batch, please visit our guide.

6. Peekaboo

Quire Peekaboo

Keep your workspace organized and clutter-free with Peekaboo. This feature lets you temporarily hide tasks without deleting them, providing a focused view of your current priorities while keeping other tasks easily accessible.

By utilizing Peekaboo, you can create a streamlined and focused view that showcases your current priorities. This not only helps you stay on top of immediate tasks but also allows for a more efficient and strategic approach to project management.

Not sure how to use Peekaboo? Please visit our guide.

7. Approvals

Quire Approvals

Simplify and expedite approval processes within Quire. With Approvals, you can send specific tasks to supervisors or stakeholders for their input and approval. This can create a streamline workflow to ensure everyone’s aligned before proceeding.

For a step-by-step guide on how to utilize Approvals in Quire, please visit our guide.

8. Refer to Tasks/Projects


Refer to Tasks/Projects is a powerful feature in Quire that not only facilitates collaboration but also encourages a more holistic understanding of project dynamics. By effortlessly linking and cross-referencing tasks or projects, team members can navigate through complex relationships, gaining valuable insights into dependencies and overarching project goals.

This interconnectedness not only streamlines communication but also contributes to improved decision-making, ensuring that every team member is well-informed and aligned with the broader project objectives.

For a step-by-step guide on how to utilize Approvals in Quire, please visit our guide.

9. Task Activity Log

Task Activity Quire

The Task Activity Log in Quire goes beyond tracking changes, comments, and updates; it provides a dynamic and transparent timeline, empowering users to trace the complete evolution of a task from inception to completion, fostering accountability and informed decision-making within the project.

For a step-by-step guide on how to utilize Task Activity Log in Quire, please visit our guide.

10. Add Conditional Colors for Custom Fields

Conditional Format Custom Fields

Customizing conditional colors for custom fields is like giving your data a visual language. By assigning different colors based on specific conditions, you make it easier to spot important trends or outliers quickly.

It's a simple way to enhance how you see and understand your data, making it more intuitive and helping you make decisions faster. This feature ensures that your custom fields not only capture important details but also communicate insights in a way that's easy to grasp at a glance.

For a step-by-step guide on how to add Conditional Colors for Custom Fields, please visit our guide.

11. All Quire Operators and Functions in Custom Fields

Quire Custom Fields

Master Quire's operators and functions to create meaningful fields and better grasp the information that need to be noticed. Understanding how to use the Quire Operators and Functions optimally leverages Custom Fields, enabling the creation of personalized and meaningful formulas for effective data management.

To find the completed glossary of all Quire operators and functions in custom fields, please visit our guide.

12. Task Color in Timeline

Quire Gantt Charts

Enhance your project timeline visualization by assigning distinct colors to tasks. This not only adds a visual element to your timeline but also aids in quickly identifying different task categories.

To learn more on how to color your tasks in Timeline view, please visit our guide.

13. Schedule View in Calendar

Quire Calendar schedule view

Plan and organize your tasks effectively with the Schedule View in the Calendar. This feature provides a comprehensive overview of your project timelines, making it easier to manage deadlines and milestones.

Learn more on how to use the Schedule view in Calendar, please visit our guide.

14. Post Comments in Project Overview

Quire Project Overview

Streamline communication by posting comments directly in the Project Overview. This centralizes project-related discussions, ensuring that important information is easily accessible to all team members.

Learn more about Project Overview, please visit our guide.

15. Personalize Your Theme Color

Quire Theme

Infuse your workspace with a personal touch by customizing the theme color. This small yet impactful feature allows you to create a workspace that aligns with your preferences and enhances the overall user experience.

The Quire theme color is designed to be accommodating for individuals with color blindness.

Learn more on how to personalize your theme color, please visit our guide.

16. Change the Preferred First Day of the Week

Quire First Day of Week

Tailor Quire to your workweek by adjusting the preferred first day of the week. This customization ensures that the calendar aligns seamlessly with your schedule, enhancing overall usability.

Learn more on how to switch to your preferred first day of the week, please visit our guide.

17. Get Reminders

Quire Reminders

Stay on top of deadlines and key milestones by setting reminders for crucial tasks. This feature minimizes the risk of overlooking important events, helping you stay organized and focused.

Learn more on how to Quire reminders, please visit our guide.

18. Merge Two Quire Accounts

Quire merge accounts

Streamline your workflow by merging two Quire accounts. This is particularly beneficial for users who manage projects across different domains, providing a consolidated view of their tasks and responsibilities.

Learn more on how to merge your two accounts, please visit our guide.

19. Filters and Sorts

Quire filters and sorts

Enhance task visibility and streamline your workflow with the use of filters and sorts. These features allow you to focus on specific aspects of your project, making it easier to locate and prioritize tasks.

Learn more on how to use Filters & Sorts, please visit our guide.

20. Master Organization

Quire Pricing

A Master Organization is an organization with Premium or Enterprise subscription. Instead of paying for every member per organization as in Quire subscription policy, with a Master Organization, you can now pay only once for the shared members across different organizations.

Learn more on how to use Master Organization, please visit our guide.

Project management software

Quire's extensive feature set goes beyond the surface, offering users a plethora of tools to enhance their project management experience.

By incorporating these 20 hidden features into your workflow, you'll be well-equipped to tackle tasks with increased efficiency and precision, ultimately elevating your productivity to new heights. Explore the depths of Quire's capabilities and revolutionize the way you manage projects.

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