With Approvals, you can send specific tasks to supervisors or stakeholders for their input and approval. This can create a streamline workflow to ensure everyone’s aligned before proceeding.

How to set up an Approval system

First, add a new status and name it Request for Approval, then set the progress percentage to whatever you link, except 100%. Task assignees can set the finished task to this status and ask for the approvers’ input or feedback.

create request for approval status

Also, create another status and name it Approved. Set this progress percentage to 100%. Supervisors or project managers can send the task to this status to complete an approval.

create approved status

You will also need to create a third status called Rejected and set the progress percentage to whatever you like except for 100%. Supervisors can easily send the task to this status if they want to reject its approval.

create rejected status

Optionally, you can add a fourth status called Request for change and set the progress percentage to other than 100%.

create request for change status

Configure permissions for Approvers and Requesters

To authorize the approval or rejection of a request, you will also need to configure the permissions for your members.

Navigate to the Organization’s Member page and scroll down to Permission Control. Decide which role can approve the tasks and select the Complete permission.

set permission role for approver

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