POSTED BY Vicky Pham · Jun 25, 2019

Quire Peekaboo and GTD Methodology: A Miracle for Your Productivity Hack

Several years ago, we introduced Kanban board and you all love it. At that time, we explained Kanban board will help you focus and execute the assignments that matter the most at the moment while a nested task list is good for planning and brainstorming. You may ask, so what’s the difference between a Kanban board and Peekaboo folder?.
POSTED BY Vicky Pham · May 7, 2019

Never leave your keyboard - Shortcuts that actually make your life easier

POSTED BY Vicky Pham · Feb 19, 2019

Import Your Data From Other Project Management Software

You can now easily import your data from other project management softwares to Quire.
POSTED BY Crystal Chen · Apr 16, 2018

Introducing: New Navigation Bar and Filter

Today, we are introducing an upgraded Quire 2.0 to better your navigation, and experience of Quire — we just cannot resist the temptation...
POSTED BY Crystal Chen · Dec 14, 2017

Highlight Your Tasks with Color and Styles

We see it as our mission to keep a simple, clean interface, including a neat task list. However, for those of you who want to easily identify...
POSTED BY Crystal Chen · Nov 23, 2017

Share a project with your clients, without them sign up!

Quire’s “Shared Links” feature makes it super easy for you to collaborate with your clients. We all know that sometimes...
POSTED BY Crystal Chen · Sep 11, 2017

A few things about tasks, projects, organizations and smart folders you should know.

Tasks, projects, organizations and smart folders make up the hierarchical structure of Quire...
POSTED BY Crystal Chen · Jul 26, 2017

We have a new member role in organizations.

We made a few enhancements in our organization member roles. Both Normal+ and Normal members can add projects in an organization...
POSTED BY Crystal Chen · Nov 22, 2016

It is all about time in task management.

Time is a tricky thing. We all want to get the most out of it by making the right kind of plan, and doing the right kind of tasks in the right amount of time...
POSTED BY Crystal Chen · Oct 27, 2016

How to migrate to Quire? Copy and paste.

Many of you have asked about a way to import your work from a different app into Quire, without going through the trouble of entering them one by one...
POSTED BY Crystal Chen · Jul 13, 2016

We’re not Facebook. So why Like?

What does Quire and Facebook have in common? Likes. In Quire, we call them favorites. Of course you can ♥ a task and feel proud of the 23 number of ♥ you get, but more importantly...
POSTED BY Crystal Chen · Apr 26, 2016

Type it while you think it, with @, #, <> and more.

Today, you’re bound to have a Q-shaped smile on your face, because we’ve got special productivity-boosting tips for everyone...
POSTED BY Crystal Chen · Mar 15, 2016

A plan well-laid, a party well-played

“Prost!” cheered the Taiwanese girl Laura, the German guy Richard, and a few dozens people as they banged their glasses of beer together...
POSTED BY Crystal Chen · Feb 4, 2016

Time to Break the Myth of “Multiple Assignees” in Task Management

We often get asked, “Can I assign a task to more than one person?” Maybe you have this question too. Now the answer is, “Yes, you can!”...
POSTED BY Crystal Chen · Oct 5, 2015

Quire 101

Even though we’re already simple enough and you’re surely smart enough, here’s a real basic guide of Quire...
POSTED BY Crystal Chen · Aug 27, 2015

Roles & Permissions in Quire

We believe full-trust collaboration is the most productive. However, for a fine grained control of permissions in your team...
POSTED BY Crystal Chen · Aug 5, 2015

See What Matters to You with Filter

Sometimes, when you are working on a project, you only want to focus on tasks that are of the uttermost importance to you at the moment...
POSTED BY Crystal Chen · Jul 15, 2015

5 Easy Steps to Quire’s External Team

Here is something useful for those of you who need outside help, like freelancers, to help you complete a task in your project...
POSTED BY Crystal Chen · Jun 16, 2015

Template for Your Projects and Tasks

It is common for people to create a template of an email message they will often use, so they will not need to write up everything again...
POSTED BY Crystal Chen · Jun 9, 2015

Drill Down

Sometimes, users would like to focus on only one task and its subtasks on Quire, especially when they have a long task list and...
POSTED BY Crystal Chen · Jun 3, 2015

Our Very Own Markdown

You may have heard of Markdown. If you have, it is a good thing. It can create rich texts, like in Microsoft Word, easily and quickly...
POSTED BY Nancy Lin · Apr 10, 2015

Sync your Tasks with Google Calendar

Humans are predominantly visual animals. We process visual information much better than we do non-visual ones...
POSTED BY Nancy Lin · Mar 19, 2015

Recurring Tasks

Recurring tasks can be very useful for tasks that happens repeatedly in a regular pattern. A newsletter that must be sent to customers every month...
POSTED BY Simon Pai · Sep 3, 2014

Quire: Building a Large Application with Dart

Quire is not the first web application written in Dart and won’t be the last one, but it could be the first app that relies on Dart so heavily...